With the advances in archival logging technology, the amount of data requiring analyses has increased considerably and has become almost more challenging than the fieldwork.

Beside our efforts to improve the hardware part through customization and innovation, we also have been trying to develop a ‘simple’ visualization tool, the CATS Visualizer (CV).
The latest version of the CV can be downloaded from here cv 1.0.60.exe or download page

Please note that this is only a test version and development has been suspended for the moment.

In December 2020 Dr David Cade and Dr William Gough ran a workshop at Hopkins Marine Station presenting the toolkit they had developed over the years on how to analyse IMU, depth, sound and video data from CATS tags.

All info can be found here

Hopefully coming soon:
We recently started working with Wildbyte Technologies in order to develop a plug-in for DDMT so it can also import data from CATS devices. We will post more info here as we progress or feel free to contact us.