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customized animal tracking solutions


The CATS Diary stands for our universal multi-sensor platform.

It can be customized to many uses in terrestrial, avian, or marine environments. It is an extremely small and power-efficient USB device, capable of sampling up to 100Hz.

The CATS Cam is one of the most advanced wildlife recording devices worldwide.

The video module is fully controlled by a CATS Diary and is available as a 2k or 4k version. The device is fully wireless, whether its for recharging, programming or downloading files.

Whenever 24/7 global coverage is needed and recovery might not be possible, the CATS Iridium system is the right choice.

In contrast to other available systems, it provides excellent coverage around the globe using the Iridium® satellites.

As every species and project has their own requirements, we offer a range of assembly options.
From direct attachments (e.g. seals or penguins) and pop-up floats (e.g. cetaceans or turtles) to towed systems (e.g. sharks).

PLEASE use the below form to tell us what you require and we will do our best to come up with a solution.