WIFI connection issues

The UI needs permission for private as well as public networks. Make sure you give those permissions when opening the UI for the first time.

Depending on the firewall settings, it can prevent access. Try disabling the firewall while connected to the device (remember to activate it again before going online!).

Make sure your device is sufficiently charged. If the blue LED on the charger is still on, wait till it goes off, indicating that the device is now fully charged and try again.

If the device is still in logging mode (recording), you will need to stop the logging mode via 2 mag swipes before you can activate the WIFI mode.

Light trigger fine tuning

If you want to ‘fine tune’ and find the best value, then do a test run where you set both MIN values to 0. Start the cam a bit before dusk and place it under water in a horizontal position (like it would be on the animal). Let it record till its completely dark and then take it out and stop it. Download the data and look through the video to find out at what time it gets too dark. Based on the time, look up the corresponding light value at that time in the recorded data and use that value as MIN trigger value.
Max light values (both) MUST be at 65535!

If your device has LEDs, use the trigger value as MAX value for the LEDs (MIN value for LEDs has to be 0) and set the light trigger for the cam from 0 to 65535.

Lost CATS-magnet – what to do