Whenever 24/7 global coverage is needed and recovery might not be possible, the CATS Iridium system is the right choice. In contrast to other available systems, it provides excellent coverage around the globe using the Iridium® satellites.

CATS developed a system which interfaces with components of the CATS Diary to collect data through a choice of sensors, analyse it as needed and send pre-defined statistics to the CATS web portal for the user to access.

The CATS SatTag (CST) can be customized for avian, terrestrial and marine environments and even allows the user to remotely reprogram the onboard algorithms to change certain settings if necessary.

A whole suite of sensors is available to record and transmit data, including dive data, GPS locations and activity data as well as the option for solar charging to extend its lifespan. The solar-charged option allows long-term deployments over many years. Furthermore, all raw data is stored locally and can be downloaded manually in case the tag is recovered, enabling the user to run more detailed analyses.

The strength of the Iridium system is its 24/7 global coverage. Besides tracking an animal over extended periods of time, another powerful applications is a pop-off tag in form of the CATS Beacon (CB) to relocate other tracking devices (like the CATS Cam) after their release. The associated CATS web portal allows the user to view the data as soon as a transmission occurs. It also incorporates a programmable VHF, SWS and is rechargeable.

Whether it is utilized purely as a location-tracking device or as a highly sophisticated time-depth recorder, the CATS Iridium system will provide, as close to real-time as the programming allows, quick access to the pre-processed data from anywhere in the world onto your laptop, provided internet access is available.

The below table gives a rough overview over features, specs and options.

Type CATS Beacon (CB) CATS SatTag (CST)
  • wireless (BT) programming via Android or PC App
  • wireless charging
  • global 24/7 coverage
  • wireless (BT) programming via Android or PC App and remote reprogramming via online portal
  • wireless and solar charging
  • global 24/7 coverage
  • on-board data processing
Basic sensors
  • GPS: standard
  • VHF: programmable frequency and output
  • SWS
  • GPS: standard
  • VHF: programmable frequency and output
  • IMU acc: sampling up to 20 Hz (2, 4, 8, 16 g range)
  • IMU gyro: sampling up to 20 Hz (250, 500, 1000, 2000 dps range)
  • IMU mag: sampling up to 20 Hz
  • Depth & temperature: sampling up to 20 Hz (up to 1000 m rated)
  • SWS
Transmission time Battery capacity can be customized Battery capacity can be customized
Design type can be customized (i.e. integrated, stand alone, glue-on, towed etc) can be customized (i.e. glue-on, towed etc)
Dimensions starting from 140 gr and 11 x 4 x 4 cm starting from 250 gr and 14 x 4 x 3 cm
Pricing starting from 2600 AUD starting from 4400 AUD

As every species and project has their own requirements, we offer a range of assembly options. From direct attachments (e.g. seals or penguins) and pop-up floats (e.g. cetaceans or turtles) to towed systems (e.g. sharks).

Please use the below form to tell us what you require and we will do our best to come up with a solution.