CATS Diary (CD)


The CATS-Diary stands for our universal multi-sensor platform. It can be customized to many uses, whether for the terrestrial, avian or marine environment. For example, the image on the left shows the CATS-Diary equipped with IMU (Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Gyroscope), a high-def speedsensor, depth-, temperature- and light sensor. This unit provides high-resolution data for a Sawfish attachment. It is designed to be fitted with a VHF/Sat transmitter and after release will float until retrieval. It is possible to use any sensor on board to control the recording of any other sensor. Even if you have your own device, which you would like to combine with the CD, just give us a call and we design the right housing for you to allow such an application. The output from the CD can also be analysed using our soon to come CATS-Visualizer software, giving you the possibility to see the 3-D movement of the recorded data.


Multi-sensor platform

Your choice of sensors (e.g. speed, GPS etc.)

Graphic live-view IMU visualisation

Small footprint (starts at 20g)

Solar-charged (optional)

Customizable for all environments

Up to 800Hz sampling rate

and more…..


Download spec sheet (PDF)




Sample videos