The CATS Cam is one of the most advanced wildlife recording devices worldwide. It is equipped with a variety of sensors plus HD video and it is alternatively available  as infra-red and with, or without, LEDs. The device is fully wireless; whether you program it, download files or watch the live video. You can even program it in the field via the CATS-App from an Android phone/tablet. In addition to this, any sensor that is recording the animals movement or environment (e.g. accelerator, depth, temp etc.) can be programmed to trigger the video recording. The advanced trigger options and the long recording times make this a powerful tool for researchers. As with all CATS devices, they can be integrated into any float/housing.

As every type of animal and its environment is different, CATS customizes each CATS Cam to the individual requirements,  whether for terrestrial use or to record in the ocean.


Resolution: 1920 x 1080 px FullHD / up to 60 fps

Fully wireless control also via CATS App in the field

Visible/Infrared capable (optional LEDs)

Totally sensor-controlled Cam triggering

Recording time: up to 30 hours.

Low-light optimized

IMU, depth, light, Temp, speed etc.

and more…..


Download spec sheet (PDF)




CATS-Cam sample clips