CATS GSM Web portal

CATS runs two web-portals – one for the GSM/CDMA devices and one for the CATS SATags. Both portals are capable of displaying the device data as soon as it is sent, and based on your device programming, this can be near real-time. In addition, both portals can display, apart from the positions and GPS paths, also the statistical data based on the compressed sensor data, which CATS has customized beforehand for the user.

Basically, both Web portals function very similarly, however, one gets its data from space, the other from the GSM/CDMA network on our planet. Every CATS user gets his/her CATS-Space login from where (s)he is not only able to manage her/his projects with CATS, but can also login directly to the CATS Web-portals.



World-wide access

All data downloadable

Archival data upload

Dive profile view

Extensive map view options

Statistics of tag performance

and more…..


CATS-web portal manual.pdf