CATS Visualizer

The CATS-Cam and CATS-Diary are one of the world’s most advanced recording devices when it comes to high-precision 3-dimensional movement. However, in the past, many researcher have shied away from utilizing amzing tools like this because of its complicated analysis. CATS is now developing a tool which allows the user  to visualize and recreate the exact motion and tracks as recorded by the device. It shows the GPS positions and movements in 3-D. The CATS-Visualizer only operates in conjunction with CATS-devices, such as the CATS-Diary or CATS-Cam.

The Software has various modes and windows, which allow you to see entire 3-D paths as recorded by the GPS and lets you move along those paths chronologically retracing the 3-D movement of your CATS-recording device in separate window. In addition, all other variables, such as gyroscopic data or pressure values at any given moment are being displayed constantly as in a cockpit.


3-D visualization of the recorded motion

Complete  2-D path projection (GPS)

Relative 3-D path-movement (IMU)

Time-dependent scrolling (back/forth)

Quick scroll overview

Hi-res view (zoom in) for deatiled analysis

and more…..


Download spec sheet (PDF)




Sample videos