CATS-SATag dugong1Whenever global coverage is needed and mere positions are not enough, the CATS-SATag is the right choice. Using the Iridium satellites, it provides, in contrast to other systems, excellent coverage around the globe. CATS has developed a system, where the CST interfaces with the CATS-Diary in order to collect data via a choice of sensors, analyses it to your needs and sends a pre-defined statistic to your own CATS-webportal desktop. Whether Dive data, accurate location or activity data, a whole suite of sensors are available. Although it has the largest footprint of all CATS-devices (electronics 40x40mm), it convinces with its power to transfer data across the globe. The displayed image here is an example of the CATS-SATag used for a long-term Dugong deployment, wherby the sensor is on the animal and the data is being transferred to the float and after processing sent via satellite to the CATS-Webportal.


Stable global coverage

Precise positioning via integrated high-res GPS

Choice of sensors to transmit data

Solar-charged (optional)

Web-portal/manual data access

Compressed data via on-board statistics

and more…..


Download spec sheet (PDF)




Sample videos