CATS Mini Diary (CMD)

The CATS Mini Diary is the latest addition to our product list. It can be customized to many uses, whether for the terrestrial, avian or marine environment. It is a USB device, which is extremely small and can be delivered (without float) from 6grams upwards. It is extremly power efficient and samples up to 800Hz, can be equipped with a GPS and other extra sensors. For example, the image on the right shows the CATS-Diary equipped with IMU (Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Gyroscope), depth and temperature-sensor and is able to record for several days continuously. This unit provides high-resolution data for a small shark. It is designed to be fitted with a VHF transmitter and after release will float until retrieval. The output from the CMD can also be analysed using our new CATS-Visualizer software, giving you the possibility to see the 3-D movement of the recorded data.


Mini multi-sensor platform

Your choice of sensors (e.g. depth, GPS, EEG etc.)

Graphic live-view IMU visualisation

Super small footprint (starts at 6g)

Customizable for all environments

Up to 800Hz sampling rate

and more…..


Download spec sheet (PDF)




Sample videos