Guillemot tag 3dThe CG stands out among the common GSM tags through its versatility. It can be deployed in 3 modes (and more to come). Whether you need a long-term low-power terrestrial tracking device (e.g. bears) with an in-built accelerometer, that tells you whether the animal is still moving, or you need a time-depth recorder that tells you the position too. Lastly you may want a long-term tracking device for marine applications (e.g. turtles), where you can set duty-cycling times and regions where GSM contact should be attempted only, saving a lot of energy. The CG can be fitted with a variety of sensors to adapt it to the various applications. Why not give us a call to find out how CATS can help you or use our “define your own tag” area to send us your perfect logger.


Fully programmable (3 modes)

Choice of sensors (e.g. depth, accelerometer, etc.)

Solar-charged (optional)

Region limited data transmitting possible

Web-portal/manual data access

Starts from 25g

Sensor-controlled GPS/GSM activation

and more…..


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CATS-GSM programming tutorial video

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