The revolultionary CATS-Flight-Diary (CFD) has probably become the most advanced recording device available for wildlife researchers. It has been developed to analyse super-fine-scale movement. It includes everything the reseracher desires, and not only for avian research. It contains a barometer (20cm resolution), a 9-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sampling up to 800Hz, a pitot sensor (air-pressure), a high-sensitivity temperature sensor (measures changes of a degree in a fraction of a second). It includes a high-precision GPS module sampling of up to 10Hz (RAW). When used in combination with our  highly advanced CATS-Visualizer Software (in development) all the movements will be re-created for you in 3-D, without the need for months of analysis. Again, like all our devices, it comes with solar cells, making long deployments via duty-cycling possible. As with the CATS-Diary the new CATS-Visualizer tool makes analysis much easier by letting you recreate all recorded sensor values graphically.