Sean Emmet – Australia

sean1small bwI work in the best office in the world ….. the ocean. Amazing and beautiful, why wouldn’t you want to know more! My role at CATS is vessel logistics, operational hardware and animal management and welfare.

Guy Bedford – Australia

Guy bw close upAnimals are my world. I love to be near them, whether during a rescue mission or when we rehabilitate them. At CATS I am responsible for animal capture, animal rescue and development of animal tracking attachment devices.


Nicole Pinn – Germany

Nic winter 2009Nature is close to my heart and I find it very exciting to learn more about animals using new technology. At CATS I organise the German office and I am responsible for bookkeeping. I also assist in the field when needed.

Simone Bosshard – Australia

As a biologist and environmental manager I’m keen to learn more about animal behaviour and how to translate this knowledge into effective conservation. My role at CATS involves testing and manufacturing of devices, as well as field support and data analyses.


Kelvin Lawson – England

As a specialist in camera development and video technologies, my role at CATS is software development for animal tracking devices. Working with CATS has given me the opportunity to learn about and apply my skills to the fields of animal behaviour and conservation.