General questions

Can anyone register to get their own CATS-Space via Log-in?

We are sorry, but due to security reasons only customers can register for their own CATS-Space.

Can I get my third-party products modified by CATS?

Yes, we are happy to provide advice, service and modifications of non-CATS products.

Do you also provide service for terrestrial applications?

Yes, we provide full support on all levels for any terrestrial project.

Does CATS provide support and service around the world?

Yes, CATS is an international company which is active around the entire globe.

Is CATS capable of developing technology for specific requirements/special projects?

Yes, a large part of our business consists of special requests, which we develop from scratch.

Where can I download software, product info and manuals?

Once you have registered and been issued a password, you can download all info after you registered and logged-in to your CATS-Space.

Where can I find detailed technical details and pricing info of your products?

Once you have become a registered user you have your own CATS – Space with everything you need. You can manage your entire projects, upload data, download software and other info, so contact us.