Dr Nikolai Liebsch

Niko directors page 1Niko has become one of the most prolific and innovative telemetry scientists world-wide over the last decade.


Before co-establishing CATS he has been working across the globe with numerous scientists on a large variety of different animals.

Dr Peter Kraft

Peter director image 2Peter is known for his analytical skills. He has been working world-wide on many projects, especially in the field of telemetry and experimental setup.


He enjoys thinking out-of-the-box and, like Niko, is an avid animal conservationist.




An idea takes shape

Although the idea and the need for the company had been developing for many years, CATS is a very young company that started developing in 2012. Our focus is broad, yet clear and ultimately lies in applied science for conservation. The quality of the service we provide is based on two decades of experience in the field of animal tracking around the world. The strength of the company lies in the ability to tune our services & products exactly to the demands of the individual project of the customers, whether it is in research, conservation or industry.


CATS was founded by Niko and Peter, both grew up in the same little town in the Alps. They have known each other for many years and have become a leading force in the world of customized animal telemetry. They complement each other perfectly, making them a team that welcomes any kind of scientific challenge when it comes to animal tracking.


It is the synthesis of sound technological understanding, scientific rigor coupled with great interest and fascination in animals, their behaviour and interaction with the environment, which makes them a powerful ally in the lab or in the field.

Recently, they have rceived the Engineering Emmy Award 2018 for their unique CATS Cam technology and its contribution to  Prime-Time-Documentaries.